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Echo vs. RSS

There’s a huge schism occuring in the weblog-tech community about a new technology that many people are collaborating on called Echo. It aims to improve and replace two existing standards: the MetaWeblog API and RSS. Both of these standards are outdated, lack important features and not properly described. Dave Winer is a crotchedy old man with a popular weblog who played a huge role in developing both standards, and he’s one of the most hated people in weblogging for a reason. In the past couple days he’s been making a total fool of himself on his website and many others. He whines like a little kid and cries foul about the imaginary “personal attacks” he’s enduring while slinging lies and FUD about those offering competing software in his space. In the end it comes down to this: he’s hurt that people are done dealing with him. The world is moving on, and they’re routing around him. You can only throw a fit a few times a year on your weblog, and he has a new one every month. What I love is when he characterizes the MovableType people as having tech that’s falling behind, and claims they’re using this as as smoke screen to catch up. UserLand’s products still use user ID numbers (zero-padded) in URLs! How 80s..

Mark Pilgrim tells it like it is. another good summary

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