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Funny Matrix: Reloaded review

Yes, I am just now digging into Matrix: Reloaded commentary even though that movie dropped off everyone’s radar a week or two ago. That’s me, stuck in the near-past. Or the recently-present. Something. Anyway there are some funny reviews out there, check out this quote:

The main problem is this: The characters in the Matrix franchise are far too cool. This has always been a problem. Morpheus sits with his fingertips touching, everyone wears shades and a super-long trench coat that billows behind him, etc. Coolness of this sort is both despicable and laughable. It’s trying too hard. It is an elitism dumbed down and sold to adolescents. What redeems this problem is that fact that they are only cool in the matrix. In the matrix they are fantasy selves, dressed in Mike-Johnson purple three-pieces and snakeskin catsuits—but we are constantly being reminded that the matrix is fake, and in reality these characters are wearing stained long underwear and hobo gloves. They get to pretend they are cool in the matrix because every moment they spend not in the matrix they are cold and hungry and ragged.

Spring Break 2029 was an attempt to convince us the audience that the residents of Zion are, in fact, truly cool. When the lights go down and the phat beat comes up, these dudes can party hearty and then some! Dude, they were getting down in the house!

via Kottke in an indirect way

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