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Strange dream: Indonesian food

Ever since my last girlfriend and I broke up around a month ago I seem to be prone to strange dreams. I guess my subconscious mind is doing backflips of some sort and I won’t allow myself to interpret these thoughts while awake. I had been posting the dreams to Twitter but I don’t think that’s the right venue for them - the length restriction on posts makes it impossible to really delve into the little things, the tiny bits of dirt on every detail, that make dreams terrifying and wonderful.

It was Christmas Day and she and I were going shopping for something at the last minute. We went to Hialeah (why?) or was it the north end of Broward? The store we pulled up to closed the gate on my face. Everything else was closed except, in the same strip mall, an Asian restaurant. It said something like “Indonesia, Cuban cuisine” on the sign.

The menu was baffling. It was in English but the words didn’t make sense: “Bipbap ngipesch”, “Krggrgr”, etc. A group of Asian people were ordering fluently and we made some guesses.

When their food came, the ex started eating it. I yelled at her that that was their food. She didn’t care.

Out of frustration I went to the restroom to clear my thoughts. It was filthy. When the toilet flushed, small crabs scurried everywhere from the base of the toilet. The owner came in to try to clean it up.

When I came back our food had arrived. All manner of strange bright colors: some kind of ground up hummus-like item was intense nuclear green. A dry bean-based thing in shades of red, brown, orange. A plate of pistachios in salt as an appetizer. Everything was salty, spicy, gross. No meat or noodles or bread or anything else recognizable. Poor person food for the third world.

While this was going on it began storming outside. Not a heavy storm, just consistently annoying rain running in sheets down the window. I had a weather app on my phone (I never have those in reality) that told me the weather could be described as “Hialeah sunny” (which makes no sense).

This dream disturbed me greatly and I don’t know why. I woke up very upset.

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