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STR8BLOGGIN » Blog Archive » How to request additional permissions during an FBJS Ajax call

How to request additional permissions during an FBJS Ajax call

Here’s something we learned with FANBLDR, our Facebook Page Maker. If you do an Ajax call in FBML+FBJS, you can use the requireLogin=1 attribute to request permissions. These will then be sent to the
receiving script via POST. However, what if you need extra permissions? Try this:

Facebook.showPermissionDialog('publish_stream', function() {
var ajax = new Ajax();
ajax.requireLogin = 1;
ajax.responseType = Ajax.RAW;
ajax.onerror = function(data) {
permissionDialog = new Dialog().showMessage(’Error posting’, ‘Unknown error. Try again later.’, ‘OK’);
ajax.ondone = function(data) {
if (data == ‘ok’) {
// hide the form and tell ‘em thanks
} else {
permissionDialog = new Dialog().showMessage(’Error posting’, data, ‘OK’);
return false;
ajax.post(u, q);
return false;
return false;

Let us know if it works out, and check out our new blog too: FANblog.

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