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Conspiracy watch: Immigration debate

The sudden national debate on immigration is a surprise to me. If you had told me a month ago that we’d be talking about this for hours on end on cable news channels today, I wouldn’t have believed it. It’s so strange that I’m wondering if perhaps this debate is being coordinated by the Democrats, who may have finally gotten their act together about the messages they emit as a group, and may be taking Karl Rove-style action to frame national debate over issues that they have nailed.

This came to me while reading this post on Daily Kos which talks about how the libs are finally putting together a solid platform while the Republicans dissolve into conflicted, warring parties on issues such as immigration (tough one; bigoted gun-nut anti-public aide whites vs. the cheap employees that keep their 12bd/10br McMansions running vs. desire to pocket the emerging Hispanic swing voting demographic), the ports deal (”Bush is infallible and diligent!” vs. capitalism vs. a major nat’l security bulkhead run by the UAE), and, of course, whether or not Katie Couric is enough of a journalist to head up the CBS evening news.

What if the Dem behind the scenes people helped coordinate the West Coast marches from last week? It’s a well known fact that a few radio personalities did most of the coordinating on the protests. Could someone have planted the idea in their head and provided some cash to get everything organzed? A game plan, a crib sheet, marching orders? I hope so. It’s been too long since I’ve been proud of the Democrats. It’s time their balls dropped.

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