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Stupid Lighttpd tip

When you want to turn on SSL, you must use a conditional on the $SERVER[”socket”] variable to set the PEM path and all that junk. Example from the bottom of my lighttpd.conf:

server.document-root  = \"/home/satan/public_html/\"
server.error-handler-404 = \"/?_error=404\"
accesslog.filename  = \"/home/satan/access-log\"
server.errorlog  = \"/home/satan/error-log\"
$SERVER[\"socket\"] == \":443\" {
        ssl.engine                 = \"enable\"
        ssl.pemfile                = \"/usr/local/etc/www.satan.com.pem\"

This instruction is actually magical: it causes the server to listen on that port. Which is pretty stupid if you ask me, but I love lighty anyway.

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