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Those crazy neighbors

As I was coming home I heard something like this:

*loud thud* *child screaming like it was being killed* *pause ……* *loud thud* *child screaming like it was being killed*

I was going to listen for a few minutes to see what was up, but I realized that I had to rush in to capture my epidemic epiphany, which turned into an essay, which you are about to have the displeasure of reading, and besides, who knows if maybe she was being beaten cuz she *started* crying, and I had just missed that first part. I mean if she was screaming and yelling, and then they started beating her with the cardboard box, well she fuckin’ deserved it. I’m kidding of course (not really) but that is basically what I was thinking. Either that or she was sad cuz they were boxing up the parts of her pony or something.

Anyway, the punchline is that the cops are there now, so clearly there was some madness going on. What a great neighborhood.

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