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Why I have no friends

MrMonsieur: damn here’s a tough one
MrMonsieur: would you rather adopt a british or french baby?
noncesense: british for sure
MrMonsieur: really?!
noncesense: yup
MrMonsieur: i would be afraid his first words would be “pip pip, suh! tea and crumpets!”
MrMonsieur: at least the french baby, though bitchy, would at least have an artistic side
MrMonsieur: he’d write tortured poetry with his own blood and feces on the walls of his crib
MrMonsieur: french people do that kind of shit ALL THE TIME
MrMonsieur: that, and lose their own bicycle race.
MrMonsieur: to a one-nutted steroid-shootin’ WASPy queeny motherfucker.
MrMonsieur: One more cycle and you’ll be ripped enough to make up for your disfigured manhood, nancy

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