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Things That Were

I will use this post to keep track of things that were once great and now suck, or at least were once better than they are now. I will update this from time to time.* Let us close our eyes and remember simpler times. Well, don’t close your eyes because then you can’t read the rest of this post. Close one eye. But be careful because that will really fuck with your depth perception and next thing you know you have a lap full of scalding coffee. Anyway, the list:

  • House music (I don’t think it will ever be like it was at its zenith to me in 2003)
  • Perimeter Road
  • Toll-less Venetian Causeway (they turned the new, lavish tollbooth on on May 9, ending a couple years of carefree drunk driving escape routes)
  • Just driving around, aimlessly
  • Looking for hookers on Biscayne
  • MSSH kiddies only: Ten day old, hard-as-a-rock $0.75 bagels in the Activities Office.
  • IRC
  • Late night trips to Walmart (formerly a sign of independance, now a sign of ill-preparedness)
  • mp3s (I remember being giddy about searching on Napster)
  • The word “tool.”
  • The band Tool.
  • Howard Stern (sorry, world)
  • Flash (hi robert! gabocorp!!!)

* I actually probably will not update this ever again.

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