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Giving in

Since about 2001 I’ve operated my own business as some of you readers know. Though we’ve been fairly successful by my standards (i.e., haven’t gone bankrupt even though I know next to nothing about how to conduct business, able to pay six people’s bills and whatnot) we still encounter rough patches from time to time which are very disturbing and stressful. Most recently a client has decided to pay four invoices (totalling $20,000+) late. It wasn’t on purpose or malicious, but never the less paying the bill is always a lower priority to the client than pestering me to finish their work. Experiences like this can really kick you in the balls just when you think you’re Mini Donald.

So today I took a real job. I was able to find someone who would pay me a very comfortable amount, hire two of our other employees, and allow me to keep our existing intellectual property on flexible terms. In other words, it’s a win-win situation. I’m not sure how it will work out — I’ve had mixed experiences with this employer in the past, when they were a client — but I have high hopes. And I’ve realized that at 26 I need the security that comes from someone else worrying about the Wachovia bank balance instead of me.

As I get older I’m beginning to realize that most experiences are not completely good or bad. Some can’t even be labelled one way or the other. Shit happens. You experience it. It passes and you can later boast about it when you’re drunk. Sometimes you learn something. Most of the time you don’t learn much. Things which fall into this category off the top of my head: Niero quitting, dating Jessica, having a chihuahua after hating dogs, working downtown, living in Wynwood (almost a year now), having pet bums, the birth, rise, and eventual death of PawnShop, so many more. I’ll try out this standard job thing and see how it goes, maybe learn something, maybe not. Buy a lot of jeans in the meantime.

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