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STR8BLOGGIN » Blog Archive » Periodic review of things I own or lease

Periodic review of things I own or lease

  • Audiovox SMT5600B- — Solid construction, great screen, good size. Getting more weird lockups and shorter battery life than I did at first
  • Infiniti FX35B+ — Reliable, affordable, lots of toys, fun to drive, good looking. Bad: shitty vanity mirrors, annoying user interface on navigation system
  • 141 NE 3rd Ave #1101 — C- — Good view, great price, bad maintenance, terrible parking
  • Nikon D70B- — Good form factor and feel, lots of user support and aftermarket gear. Still too hard to use (for this much, it should take the perfect picture every time and never, ever do a worse job than a $200 camera on Auto).
  • Comcast Cable InternetA — Fast as shit, cheap as fuck, has only gone down once in six months here in the hood. Tends to get “confused” when I flog the network with a lot of simultaneous BitTorrent connections.
  • Belkin pre-N wireless router and access point — C — Great coverage, decent features. Poor configuration (requires a PC connected directly — huh?), admin interface seems to be stuck in terminal idiot newbie mode.
  • CocoA+ — Best purchase of 2003, great companion, warms lap appropriate amount, fun to watch and play with. Smells bad, farts too much, shits and pisses totally at random, doesn’t like eating dog food and prefers begging merciful nearby humans.

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