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Random photos


This guy isn’t doing so well. Not pictured are his friends who wanted to kill me after taking this snapshot.

Cruise ships leaving Biscayne Bay, filled from stem to stern with gleeful cruisers, who I suppose do not know the intestinal battle they are about to host.. For once my camera’s horrible blurriness came out cool.


Trying on clothes at Neiman Marcus in Merrick Park. I’m happy to report that John Bartlett, former dragqueen-cum-fashionist(a), who rose to fame very quickly and won Best Menswear Designer of the Year and then apparently dropped off the map, is back in Neiman Marcus with his UNIFORM line of every day semiaffordable clothes. Example:

What, you don’t picture yourself in that at the grocery store? Read this hilarious interview with JB.

DJ booth at Crobar. Upper row, from left: Technics SL1200MK2, another one, Pioneer CDJ-1000, another one. Bottom row: Pioneer EFX-5000 effects unit, Steve Dash/Phazon 3700 rotary mixer.

Alright let’s be honest, this photo sucks ass. I’m only posting it because I need an excuse to mention that Juan Mejia is a fucking jerk. He was perfectly willing to sell me P. Diddy’s Let’s Get Ill but he wanted $200 for it. When I mentioned that that’s a bit high for a piece of vinyl without even a label attached that he got for free, he just shrugged and walked away. He was super cool last time I bothered him even though I was ridiculously and obviously drunk. What the fuck?! I am going to drop a red-hot coal into his record bag. May all your mixes be trainwrecks young Juany.

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