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Fucked by Musto

Michael Musto has semi-evidence that Vin Diesel is straight :( :( :(

VIN DIESEL has a hetero past! JAMES ST. JAMES—the Disco Bloodbath author who knew Vin when he was a mere doorman at the Tunnel—feels the action star doesn’t take it up the butt after all. “I hear the gay rumors too,” James tells me. “And he does look the part. But Mark, er, Vin, was always straight. And believably so. He would sing show tunes and flirt outrageously with me and the other drag queens, but he wasn’t overcompensating—he was totally comfortable with his heterosexuality. I remember the girls he fucked! Every queen at the Tunnel was always after him, and I would have heard it if one of them finally had him. Of course he was only 19—and maybe he’s come out. But I really think he’s straight!” Blecccccch!

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