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STR8BLOGGIN » Blog Archive » Verizon Wireless Express Network: Awzm

Verizon Wireless Express Network: Awzm

I’m writing this post from my office. That’s not anything special, except I could be writing it from the drive through at Burger King or at (ha!) a beach. I just got Verizon’s internet-over-cellular service callled Express Network. It’s basically a $200 card for your laptop and an $80/mo unlimited data service. I’m relatively impressed with it; it seems two or three times faster than dialup and it’s available literally anywhere you can get a Verizon signal. Pretty impressive.

Not that I can afford $80/mo. It’s going back in 13 days. :)

Update: As I write this I’m headed north on the Palmetto Expressway at 55mph. I’m not driving right now because I haven’t ordered the steering wheel laptop mount yet.

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