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Icy Hot StuntaZzZZ!

Holy shit these guys are dummbbbb. Heidi swears they’re really real, so if it’s a gag and I linked to them and the joke’s on me, I’ll give you her address so you can go fuckrape her. (Since she’s in the Dominican Republic her address is basically a two-paragraph description of how to get to her house from the port, since they don’t have streets (just sewage canals that you can walk next to or ride your donkey along) or addresses (since no one can read or write anyway, including all government officials). When Heidi arrived, with a relatively high level of knowledge, she was looked upon by the natives (who are savage and have bones through their noses) as a kind of savior/pariah thing like Cortez but she hasn’t cut off the king’s head and taken his gold yet. She also has a big butt, if I remember correctly, since it has been a while.)


Update: Josh, who is smarter and cooler than Heidi, has confirmed that it’s a parody site. We will now do everything I said above and then cut off her arms so she can’t IM me with any other thinks-its-real-but-is-fake-sites.

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