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Night on the town

We went to Slim’s and it was dead, so we had to leave and go to the Grove. Since the Grove is known as the shittest shithole of them all on earth, everyone was sad:


Or at least tired. Except me, cuz I’m permadrunk:


I swear my eyes are approximately the same size in real life.

Many hours of Grovesuffering and many miles of driving back to the beach later we met these people:

who have NEVER EVER SMOKED POT so don’t even ask, but they had this Indian friend:

who just discovered cameras and is kind of afraid of them cuz they might steal your soul but at the same time is really interested in how it works, so we had to take a picture of her and her friends who don’t smoke pot, and they were going to Crobar, so.. that sounds good:


(who needs a razor?)

Our good friend DJ Irie was resident at Crobar that night so of course we should get The Treatment, but it took a while to get in, during which time I took this amazing photo:

We tried Menage in the meanwhile but Dong Ji Lin who was running the door said that if we didn’t a) have $1,000 to spend or b) wear a tracksuit there was no hope for us; about 37 seconds after she said that the club closed. Haha, fuck you Dong!!!


Yay we’re in!!


Thanks Irie! You’re a good man.


“I sleep in doorways and accept pizza gifts from strangers”

This bumbabe has been cleaning the streets since I can remember (Mission). What’s her deal?

The trip home. So depressing.

Why can’t anyone rock until 6.. 7.. 8.. noon? Lame south beach.

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