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My laptop has shipped

I am giddy. I ordered a Compaq X1000 and after days of waiting anxiously it just left Shanghai China. I’ll explain why I returned the Toshiba tablet and give my reviews once it arrives in a few days.

Update: Quick review below:


  • Excellent performance due to the 5400 RPM disk and 1.5Ghz Pentium M/Centrino; much faster than our one-year-old, $2500 Sony Viao. I haven’t missed having a desktop, even while playing games such as Enemy Territory.
  • Decent battery life. I expected a bit more, but it’s usuable for a pretty fair period (3 - 4 hours, I would roughly estimate) off AC power.
  • Good screen, better than some of the cheap LCDs in the office, even if I’m going a little blind at 1600 x 1050. (I can’t believe they have a 1900 x something available on this model.) Not sure what quantitative basis I should compare screens on.
  • Good looking and thin for a PC laptop, most of which are incredibly ugly and as thick as a phonebook.


  • It’s a little big and heavy. Won’t fit in many laptop bags. I think, for my needs, a slower/lighter/higher battery laptop would have fit better. (Toshiba R100 for instance, though I can’t afford that)
  • The keyboard is mushy, and though it’s not too bad, it takes a bit to get used to if you’re used to a more “clicky” keyboard.
  • It suffers the common Radeon 9200 laptop scam: it’s actually an enhanced Radeon 9000, not really a 9200. This affects most Radeon 9200 laptops.
  • The Compaq support site kind of sucks and I dread calling or emailing them.
  • Weird placement of some of the USB ports and the AC plug.

I haven’t tried FreeBSD or Linux on it so I can’t speak of its compatibility.

For future reference, I love that Toshiba Portege tablet I had, but it was just too expensive.

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