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What a day

Wow, today was fun. Let’s review.

  1. Woke up late.
  2. One of our people took the file server with him to the new office when he took his own computer. That wouldn’t be a problem if people in the old office didn’t need the files on it, and if they weren’t opposed to using PC Anywhere. Net result: Lost money, fighting, and headaches.
  3. Over the weekend I threw a lollipop out the window and my window never went back up. This is a known problem on my car; the window switch fails in a variety of ways periodically. I found instructions on the internet detailing how to disassemble the center console and get access to the problematic switch, which I did without too much difficulty, but I decided to let the professionals handle it after I was staring at the innards of my vehicle. So today I drove around with my window down fucking up my hair while storm clouds gathered overhead until I finally caved in and called Mercedes roadside assistance. The professionals charged me $212.37 — $140 for labor and $60 for the new window switch control. $140 to do exactly what I did while drunk on Saturday night. It took the mechanic about two minutes.
  4. In January I purchased an extended warranty for $1,500. I called today to get them to reimburse me for the $212 window and the rep confessed that there would be a major delay in paying me for the service, because the company that underwrites the warranty just went out of business. Now I have to pester them to pay me back for the warranty since they won’t be able to carry out their side of the contract.
  5. The parking lot next door to my new office wants $109 per car per month for monthly spaces. We need about 10. $$$
  6. A computer in the office gets weak signal strength on the wifi even though it’s six feet away from the access point.
  7. The antenna on my cellphone fell out. I get “one bar” of reception presently.
  8. Phone bill was much higher than expected.
  9. It’s hot as fucking hell and humid too.
  10. I have six unpaid parking tickets. I am getting angry impound threats from various governmental agencies.
  11. And finally, someone just called me saying the fire alarm went off at the new office. I am long gone and at this point I don’t care.

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